Acknowledgement of Terms and Conditions of Application:

It is very important that you read this section carefully, and that you fully understand before you sign it. This section affects your legal rights. If you have any questions please ask a Yellow Fin Representative before you sign this application.

  1. I certify that all information I have supplied in this application and in any other form, oral or written, is true, complete and accurate. I understand that any information provided by me that is found to be false, incomplete, or misrepresented in any respect will be sufficient cause to (a) cancel further consideration of this application or (b) immediately discharge me from the employer’s service, whenever it is discovered.
  2. I expressly authorize, without reservation, Yellow Fin Marine Services, LLC, its representatives, employees, and/or agents to contact and obtain information from all references (personal and professional,) employers, and public agencies, licensing authorities, and educations institutions and to otherwise verify the accuracy of all information provided by me in this application, resume’ , or job interview. I also give permission for criminal/motor vehicle background checks. I hereby waive any and all rights and claims I may have regarding Yellow Fin Marine Services, LLC its representative, employees and/or agents for seeking, gathering, and using such information in the employment process and all other persons, corporations, or organizations for furnishing such information about me, but understand my right to privacy shall be respected and the inquires treated in confidence.
  3. I understand Yellow Fin Marine Services, LLC does not unlawfully discriminate in employment and no question on this application is used for the purpose of limiting or excusing any applicant from consideration for employment on a basis prohibited by applicable local, state or federal law.
  4. If I am hired, I understand that my employment will be at will. This means that I am free to resign at any time, with or without cause and without prior notice, and Yellow Fin Marine Services, LLC reserves the same right to terminate my employment at any time, with or without cause or prior notice, except as may be required by law. This application does not constitute an agreement or contract for employment for any specified period or definite duration. I understand that no supervisor or representative of the employer is authorized to make any assurances to the contrary and that no implied, oral or written agreements contrary to the foregoing express language are valid.
  5. I understand Yellow Fin Marine Services, LLC maintains a drug-free workplace and agree that maintenance of same is essential to the safety of the workplace and employees. I promise to abide by the agency’s policies prohibiting the use or possessions of drugs, alcohol or any controlled substance, or the misuse of prescribed or over-the-counter medication on agency premises or while on duty. I understand also that I may be tested for drugs, alcohol or controlled substances if I am employed by Yellow Fin Marine Services, LLC.
  6. If I am hired, I agree to comply with and be bound by Yellow Fin Marine Services, LLC safety and health rules and regulations, rules of conduct, and any other rule or procedure set forth by my employer.
  7. I understand that if I am hired, I will be required to provide proof of identity and legal authority to work in the United States and that federal immigration laws require me to complete an 1-9 form in this regard.
  8. I understand and agree that work schedules and requirements may vary and be unpredictable, while Yellow Fin Marine Services, LLC will make reasonable efforts to accommodate work schedules and employee availability, I may be required to work overtime, weekends, different shifts, or other arrangements. In consideration for a mariner’s position, I understand and agree to working up to 12 hours (either consecutive or otherwise) in a 24 hour period. I consent to these requirements as necessary and legitimate conditions of employment.


I certify that I have read, fully understand, and accept all terms of the forgoing application statement.

I agree to the Terms and Conditions of this Application

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